Servicing, repairs & maintenance for all makes & model of standard car & 4X4.

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At Manuel Automatics we are dedicated to provide the highest quality motor vehicle servicing to each & every client, we offer comprehensive car servicing for all your car & 4X4 servicing & repair needs. Our services range from general car servicing for all makes & model of vehicle, to more specialised DSG transmission & European car servicing. Our highly trained & motivated staff are experienced in all aspects of car servicing & maintenance.

At Manuel Automatics we offer the following services:

  • General car servicing for all makes & models - both basic & advanced maintenance.
  • Trained DSG Transmission Specialist for all European vehicles servicing, maintenance & repairs.
  • Diagnose & repair all transmission, gearbox & clutch problems.
  • Repair, rebuild & replace all transmission gearboxes.
  • Experienced with both manual & automatic gearboxes.
  • Specialised servicing for both 6 & 8 speed transmissions.
  • Overhaul & modification of transmissions.
  • Re-manufactured transmission installations.
  • New transmission installations on all makes & models.
  • We are an ARC accredited business, authorised to install, service and repair automotive air conditioner systems.
  • Familiar with both late model & classic gearboxes.
  • We utilise the most technologically advanced diagnostic & electronic testing equipment available to accurately diagnose problems quickly.
  • Highly trained & dedicated staff who strive for excellence on all jobs.
  • We are a trained DSG Specialist for all European models.
  • Wholesale & reseller parts available.
  • Priority system to ensure your parts arrive in store as quickly as possible.
  • Same day delivery of parts.
  • We will always suggest the most effective solution - not the most expensive.
  • All our work is guaranteed, giving you peace of mind we know what we are doing.
  • Warranty on all parts and repairs.
  • Convenient online booking service.


If your vehicle isn't running or handling correctly, or hasn't been serviced in 40,000 km, bring it into the shop or book your next service online. We will be able to accurately diagnose & fix the problem & we will always suggest the most effective solution & not the most expensive one. Once problems have been fixed, it is imperative to keep your vehicle serviced according to the manufacturers maintenance schedule to avoid & minimize future problems.

Contact Us for all your car servicing needs, or book your next service online.


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As an RACV Accredited Auto Care Centre & VACC Certified A Grade Service Centre, our experienced mechanics are here to advise, diagnose and repair mechanical problems and are specialist transmission service and repairers for all makes & model of vehicle ...

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