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Victoria's leading independent automatic transmission service & repair workshop with over 40 years experience in transmission servicing...

Manuel Automatics are fully trained & experienced transmission specialists. We are Victoria's leading independent automatic transmission service & repair workshop for all makes and models, including European cars. You can be sure your vehicle will be serviced or repaired with the highest quality workmanship in the business, we treat your pride & joy like it's our own. We are experienced in fixing both minor & major problems and aim to get you back on the road quickly & with as little expense as possible.

Manuel Automatics are professionals with over 45 years experience in the intricacies of transmission servicing for the following European cars:

  • Volkswagen
  • Audi
  • Mercedes Benz
  • BMW
  • Porsche
  • Jaguar
  • Land Rover & Range Rover
  • Renault
  • Nissan
  • Experienced with both late model & classic European cars.
  • Experienced with all aspects of 6 & 8 speed transmission servicing & repairs for all makes and models.


Manuel Automatics utilise the most technologically advanced diagnostic & electronic testing equipment available & are trained professionals with the knowledge to diagnose & repair minor & major mechanical transmission problems. We can manage your vehicles long term maintenance with unparalleled care & attention to detail.

Our mechanics are skilled in repairing, rebuilding & replacing all types of transmission. Problems should be diagnosed & fixed as soon as they develop before they worsen & become more expensive to fix. Problems can include:

  1. Loss of solenoid steering.
  2. SUV Sensor malfunction.
  3. Flashing PRND light.
  4. The 'check engine' light is on.
  5. Jerking gearbox, stalled vehicle & 'jumping' revs.
  6. Shifting, slipping & sluggish performance.
  7. Grinding metal or an inability to stay in gear.
  8. Lunging or loud knocking.
  9. Gearbox computer sending gearbox incorrect signals.
  10. Gear train failure.
  11. Engine surges.
  12. Fluid & lubricant leaks.
  13. Murky or burnt looking transmission fluid.
  14. Transmission & clutch slipping.
  15. Electrical malfunctions.
  16. The vehicle no longer moves.


Manuel Automatics operate with integrity, expertise & advanced diagnostic tools

If your vehicle isn't running or handling correctly, or hasn't been serviced in 10,000 km, bring it into the shop or book your next service online. We will be able to accurately diagnose & fix the problem & we will always suggest the most effective solution & not the most expensive one. Once problems have been fixed, it is imperative to keep your vehicle serviced according to the manufacturers maintenance schedule to avoid & minimize future problems.

Book your next service online or contact us for further information. We aren't interested in gouging our customers. Instead, we aim to offer great service at affordable prices so that our customers are lifelong ones.



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As an RACV Accredited Auto Care Centre & VACC Certified A Grade Service Centre, our experienced mechanics are here to advise, diagnose and repair mechanical problems and are specialist transmission service and repairers for all makes & model of vehicle ...

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